Summer Hair Colors Hottest Trends

Hair color is one of the most fun and easiest ways to change up your image. Coloring your hair too frequently can be damaging to your hair, but you absolutely can safely change up your color with the seasons. If you haven’t already updated your hair color for summer, now’s the time. Summer is just officially kicking off and with it comes some hot hair color trends that you’ll be dying to try.

Silver Strands

Gray has been gaining in popularity over the past couple of years, and this season is no different. Shimmering silver is an awesome color for summer, but it can be a big change. If you’d rather just try out this hair color trend, opt for a few strategically placed silver highlights to glint in the sun. This is also an excellent way to camouflage and blend in gray roots as they grow out if you decide to stop coloring naturally gray hair.

Mermaid Hair

If bold and daring is your thing this fun and beautiful color trend may be just right for you. Aqua, teal, and purple ombre waves have a definite mermaid feel to them. This is a striking color combo that is sure to catch everyone’s eye.

Rooted Blonde

With most hair colors you have to worry about too much sun exposure causing your color to fade, but rooted blonde just gets better when lightened by the sun. This makes it the perfect color for a beach vacation. It’s also low maintenance at the end of the season because your roots naturally blend in as your hair grows out.

Warm Chocolate Caramel

This is another sun-friendly color. A deep chocolate base with rich caramel highlights just continues to get lighter and warmer as you spend more time by the pool or on the beach. You never have to worry about your color fading, because that’s kind of the point.

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