If you’ve been thinking of trying a completely different style, hair texturing may be the perfect solution for you. Our professional texturing treatments allow you to straighten, curl, or smooth your hair with long-lasting results.

Our modern perms are different than the frizzy results they had in the 80s. Improved solutions focus on keeping your hair in its best condition. Curls are smooth, soft and silky, not harsh and frizzy. If you’ve been looking to add some body and curl, ask your Martino Cartier Salon stylist about the right perm for you.

If you already have natural curls and are looking for a way to straighten and smooth, we have several options for you. Relaxing is a process that straightens out natural curls to make it easier to wear a straighter hairstyle. A keratin treatment is a smoothing and straightening process that binds keratin protein to each strand of hair, making it smoother and eliminating the frizz. The results are straight, shiny, healthy looking hair. Brazilian blowouts are similar to keratin treatments, but tend to keep more of your natural wave, depending on how curly your hair was before the treatment.

Make an appointment today to consult with a professional stylist to help determine the best treatment to suit your texturing needs.

Permanent Wave $100-$200
Relaxing $75-$300
Keratin Treatment (Original) $325-$500
Keratin Treatment (Express) $125-$175
Keratin Treatment (Glycolic) $325-$375
Brazilian Blowout $300 & Up

Custom Gift Certificates are available for any combination of services or dollar amount. Gift Certificates are to be redeemed at place of purchase. 24hr cancellation notice is appreciated.

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