Waxing is the most efficient and cost-effective way to remove unwanted facial hair. Laser removal is costly and may leave burns or scars, and shaving leaves stubble that is sometimes more noticeable than the hair you wanted to remove.

Waxing removes hair at the root, so it takes longer to regrow. In fact, hair may no longer regrow in some areas that are waxed regularly. Waxing also exfoliates the treated area, removing dead skin cells and pollutants that can make your skin appear dull. Exfoliation also stimulates collagen production and skin cell renewal to keep skin looking young.

Finally, waxing allows your technician to flawlessly shape your brows, since hair is only removed from the areas covered with wax.

At Martino Cartier Salon, we offer professional waxing services for your eyebrows, chin, and lip areas.

Chin $20
Eyebrow $20
Lip $20

Custom Gift Certificates are available for any combination of services or dollar amount. Gift Certificates are to be redeemed at place of purchase. 24hr cancellation notice is appreciated.

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