Care for Your Color-Treated Hair

Once you step out of the salon with your gorgeous new hair color by Martino Cartier, you want it to last. Color-treated hair needs special care, but it’s easy when you follow a few simple steps. We’ve put together the best advice from professionals about caring for color-treated hair.

Wait to shampoo. You don’t want to shampoo the day after your hair is color treated because it takes time for your new color to set properly. Your hair has an outer strand called the cuticle that is opened during the color-treating process so that each strand can absorb the color. When the process is finished, the cuticle closes again, but this takes some time. Washing before this happens may remove some of the color. Most professional stylists recommend waiting at least 48 hours for the first shampooing.

Wash infrequently. Once you do resume washing, doing so every day will make the color fade faster. Shampoo only two or three times per week to keep your color lasting longer. Between shampoos, you can use a dry shampoo to keep your hair smelling and feeling fresh. Ask your stylist to recommend the best dry shampoo for your hair.

Avoid heat. Heat can damage hair, and for color-treated hair, it can cause the color to fade quicker. Turn down the heat in the shower, and if possible, avoid using heated styling tools. If your style demands heated tools, use a heat protectant first and use the lowest heat setting.

Always use conditioner. Color-treated hair needs extra conditioning to keep your hair soft, smooth, and reflect light to show off that gorgeous color. Condition frequently and ask your stylist about ways to condition between shampoos, and whether you should go back for deep conditioning treatments.

Use the right products. Always use professional products that are specially formulated for both your hair type and for color-treated hair. Most professional stylists recommend sulfate-free products. Your stylist is your best source for information about the products that will work for you and your new color.

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