Top Hairstyle Trends: Fall 2019

The weather still feels like summer, but with schools reopening for the new semester, we’re reminded that fall is just around the corner. The change of seasons is always exciting, because with it comes fun new options for fashion and style! Today, we’ll talk about some of the top hairstyles trending for fall 2019 to help inspire your new style.

Low ponytails. This summer, relaxed, messy ponytails were the trend. For fall, they’re getting sleek, slick, and low, full of shimmer with everything neatly in place. They can be sectioned or single, but the secret ingredient is gloss and that slicked-back look that works great as a professional or casual style.

Buns. For summer, buns were laid back and messy, but they’re getting serious this fall. We’ll be seeing a lot of fancy twists, tucks, and loops in styles that look like delicate works of art. Everything stays in place for these fall updos, so they can get complicated – but the results are work the extra effort.

Braids. Fall 2019 is bringing braids that make a statement. Long hair alert: if you have super-long hair, this trend is for you, because the longer the better for fall braid styles. If you’re not committed to growing out your hair, extensions really make this a style for everyone. Whether you go with French braids at the top that end in a long, extended braid in the back or start at the nape of your neck and braid down, this extra long braid style sets the stage for fall 2019.

Gentle waves. Retro styles are making a comeback with soft, romantic finger curls along the hairline. The trick is creating those curls and tucking the hair just right to get that old-school look. Soft waves look great in any style for work or play and go especially well for those formal occasions that demand a unique, dramatic look.

Parts. If you loved the center parts from this summer’s trends, you can keep it up in the fall, but the newest trend is toward deep side parts that give you a powerful swoop over the forehead. Deep side parts need a little help from accessories to keep things in place, and this fall’s trending accessories are happy to oblige. Keep them contemporary and professional for work but throw in some fun bling for a night out on the town.

Headbands. Speaking of accessories, you won’t want to be without a headband this fall. These aren’t your cute schoolgirl headbands – choose styles that blend naturally into your hair color for a put-together, sophisticated look. 

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