The Benefits of Martino Cartier Facial Waxing

Unwanted facial hair can be unsightly, and it can also make it difficult to properly blend your makeup each day. There are a lot of choices for removing unwanted hair, but the skin on your face is delicate, so it’s important to choose the best solution. While some people try to use creams or even shaving to remove unwanted facial hair, waxing is one of the most effective and economical methods available.

Safe and effective. Some women do use shaving to remove facial hair, but the results can be disastrous. Nicks or cuts on your face are not only unsightly, but they can also become infected and painful. Hair removal creams and lotions don’t work well, and they can often lead to skin irritation. Waxing uses only natural ingredients that won’t damage your skin, so you’ll avoid those problems like cuts and allergic reactions.

Long-lasting. Waxing lasts much longer than other methods because it removes each hair at the follicle, so the follicle itself has to regrow before the hair comes back. With shaving and hair removal creams, hair is cut off at the surface so it can quickly regrow.

Economical. Compared with more expensive hair removal options like laser hair removal, waxing is a much more affordable option. And if you have an allergic reaction to a hair removal cream, you may spend even more money at a dermatologist to correct the problem.

Exfoliating. One of the many amazing benefits of waxing is that it also exfoliates your skin, removing that top layer of dead skin cells that can make your skin appear dry and dull. Exfoliating also helps stimulate new cell and collagen production so your skin stays younger-looking.

Perfect shaping. Waxing your brows lets your professional Martino Cartier esthetician shape your brows perfectly. Waxing is very precise because only the treated areas will have hair removed, so this allows our expert technicians to craft the perfect look for you.

Make your waxing appointment today at Martino Cartier Salon. Our professional estheticians will help you get rid of that unwanted hair so that your skincare products absorb better and your makeup is easier to apply. And if you also need a new style or hair color, consider having your new look curated by celebrity stylist Martino Cartier, available by appointment! You can find us at 304 Hurffville Crosskeys Rd., Sewell, NJ to make an appointment, call us at 856.582.6600, or book your appointment right from your mobile device with our free mobile app, available on iTunes or Google Play.