Get A Jump On Your Summer Glow With A New Hair Color


A rich sunkissed glow to your skin can really make your hair color and your eye color pop. During the summer months, many people soak up the sun to get that glow naturally or build and maintain their glow with spray tans. But what can you do in the off-season when your summer tan is faded, and your hair, eyes, and skin appear colorless and dull? You give your complexion a lift with new hair color, of course. Yes, it does also work the other way around. The right hair color can often create the illusion of darker skin which in turn enhances your hair and eyes. Sure you could use sunless tanners, but switching up your hair color creates a much more natural look. Here are the best complexion-enhancing hair colors based on your eye color and current skin tone.

Light Eyes And Pale Skin

If you have a pale complexion and light-colored eyes you are probably more prone to getting a burn in the summer than tanning. And although you may tan somewhat after the burn heals, you may never develop the deep natural sun-kissed glow that you want. The trick here is to perk up your skin to create a more glowing complexion by getting the right contrast between your hair and skin color. You might see celebrities with light eyes and pale skin rocking platinum blonde and be tempted to dive right In yourself, but hair colors that are complimentary to other people may not be the best choice for you. Your skin’s natural undertones are more important in making your choice in this case than the actual shade of your skin. If you have light eyes and pale skin with a warm undertone then warm chocolate browns and sandy blondes will be your best hair colors. On the other hand, if you’re undertone is cool then copper-based colors and cool platinum blondes will be the most complimentary shades.

Dark Eyes And Light Skin

When we talk about dark eyes most people assume that we are only talking about brown eyes, but there are other dark eye colors as well. Some shades of hazel, green, and even blue can be considered dark. It’s not about the color but the depth of color. When your eyes are dark the hair color you choose is of vital importance. If you go too dark you could end up with your complexion looking completely washed out. The same is true if you go too light, so it’s a delicate balance. This is where the professional opinion of your stylist comes in to help you choose a shade that will give you the illusion of an early summer glow without having it backfire. You also need to consider your undertones. Great hair colors for those with a warm skin tone are those with honey and caramel undertones. If your skin tone is cool you will look best with blondes and browns with a more ashy hue.

Neutral Eyes And Skin

We all know that one person looks great in every outfit, hair color, and lipstick they try. Nothing they put on looks odd or out of place. This is because they have neutral-colored eyes and hair. Their eyes are neither dark nor light and their skin has a perfect balance of warm and cool undertones. If you happen to be one of these lucky people just simply choose the hair color that highlights your features the way that you prefer and knows that your complexion will look fabulous. To get that warm sunkissed look you can’t go wrong with a warm golden tone for the spring and summer.

If you feel like your complexion needs a bit of a boost you don’t have to wait for your summer vacation to get it. You can change up your hair color now to compliment your skin and enhance your complexion with a healthy glow. You can trust the hair color experts at Martino Cartier Salon to help you choose the perfect hair color to get a jump on that summer glow. Request an appointment online, call us at 856.582.6600, visit our salon, or book your appointment right from your mobile device with our free mobile app on iTunes or Google Play. We look forward to serving you at 304 Hurffville Crosskeys Rd., Sewell, NJ.