Hair Extensions Add Instant Glamour to Your Style

There are times in life that simply call for a bit of glamour, but what if your natural hair lacks the length or volume to create the hairstyles you want? Hair extensions to the rescue! Hair extensions will allow you to experiment with color while boosting volume and giving you the length needed to achieve those glamorous hairstyles. Let’s look at some ways hair extensions can help you glam it up.

Voluminous Updos
There is no hairstyle quite so glamorous as an updo. These classic styles can be customized to fit any occasion while allowing your personality to shine through. If you’re looking for a romantic feel, try a messy loose style with softly curled tendrils framing your face. If you’re going for a sophisticated look opt for a more sleek and smooth style. Whichever you choose, extensions will boost the volume to make your style all the more glamorous.

Amplified Braids and Twists
Those with fine, thin hair are all too familiar with sad, limp braids and flat twists. Extensions can be added to fill out your braids and twists, allowing you to wear a dramatic billowing braid or a voluminous twist that won’t fall flat. Finish with a glimmering hair accessory to give it an extra flair of glamour.

Half Updo
Down through history, half updos have always been the hairstyles of royalty. So if you are attending a posh and regal affair, these are the hairstyles to consider. And the longer and fuller they are the better. This is where hair extensions come in. Even if your hair is long and full already, a few extensions will kick it up a notch. And if your hair is short, extensions could make the impossible possible.

Sleek Retro Waves
If you have short to medium hair you may think that you could never pull off those chic and classy retro waves. With the help of hair extensions you can! Smooth, sleek waves paired with a little black dress and cherry red lips are a classic look that defines glamour.

The hair extension experts at Martino Cartier Salon will help you choose the perfect extensions to create the glamorous look you’re going for as well as show you how they can add versatility to your style every day. You’ll find us at 304 Hurffville Crosskeys Rd., Sewell, NJ. Call us at 856.582.6600 to request an appointment, or download our free mobile app from iTunes or Google Play to book your appointment right from your mobile device.