I have a great story to tell!

3 years ago I saw a woman in church crying and in despair. I asked her what was wrong and she proceeded to tell me, “I fell at work and lost my job, my utilities are getting shut off, and I am not married, my life is just in disarray.” I asked her if it was okay if i prayed with her. She said yes. This was my prayer, “Dear God, thank you for this divine appointment, and I ask that you would touch this woman’s back, grant her a healing, find her a husband, give her a job, and fix her finances. In Jesus name Amen.” (While her eyes were closed I reached in my pocket, pulled out whatever money I had, and placed it in her hands.) Now Three Years later, which brings us to today.. a woman walks in my salon, with an envelope, a smile larger than life and says, “Please read this”.. To my surprise I opened the envelope to find a card with $300.00 and a note that reads, “Dear Martino, God blessed me 3 years ago when you prayed with me. You also blessed me with something because I was out of work. I did not know who you were at that time, but I know who you are now. Please accept this money so that you can continue to bless others. By the way, I now have a great job, I’m engaged to a wonderful man, life couldn’t be better.

see pictures below………