Keep Static from Ruling Your Hair this Winter

There’s no escaping static in the wintertime. It makes your clothes cling, it shocks you when you least expect it, and it makes your hair stand on end and not stay in place when you need it to. It might seem you have to just live with frizzy, staticky hair but in reality, with some simple home remedies and salon treatments at Martino Cartier, you can stop static from ruling your winter.

What exactly is static? Static electricity happens when two objects, such as your hat and hair, rub against each other causing friction. This friction transfers electrons from one to the other and creates static electricity. In our dry winter air, there’s not enough humidity in the air for the charge to dissipate – leading to our hair standing on end or sticking to your face.

Add moisture to your hair and the air. The easiest way to get rid of static is to humidify your indoor air and to keep your hair moisturized. Using rich ultra-moisturizing products such as our Shampoo and Conditioner Duo will give your hair the moisture it needs. A cool-mist humidifier in your office or home will also help to keep static from rearing its ugly head.

Keep a clean hairbrush. Giving your hairbrush a good scrub with a clarifying shampoo will remove any buildup from styling products. When you have build-up on the brush, it causes friction when brushing. When paired with Martino’s hairdryer, our anti-static brushes remove static from the hair.

Stay away from alcohol-based products. Alcohol is very drying and will zap all the moisture you’ve been putting back into your hair. We offer a Leave-In Conditioning Spray that works to seal the cuticle with lasting hydration. Hair will be left healthy, shiny, and frizz-free.

Use Haute Stuff Turbo Hair Dryer. This hair dryer uses ionic technology to result in smooth hair while reducing drying time. You will have healthy-looking, frizz-free, hydrated hair as moisture is sealed within the cuticle.

When you come into Martino Cartier for your next appointment, your stylist can determine if you need a deep conditioning treatment for your hair and can help to nurture your hair back to health as needed.

You don’t have to just accept that static happens. We have the expertise to add nourishment to your hair and can give you recommendations to keep your hair looking soft, smooth, and manageable in between appointments. 

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