Know Your Highlights

If you would like to change up your color but don’t want to stray too far from the shade you have, highlights may be the perfect option. Highlights add depth to your color, allowing the light to reflect differently, taking your usual shade to new heights of interest and dimension. There are several different types of highlighting, and today we’ll discuss the differences, as well as some terms to know, so you can talk to your stylist about what you want.

Face frame highlights. We’ll start with the smallest change, which is a face frame – highlights only around your face, on the top and the sides. This adds a natural hint of color that serves to draw attention to your face and its features. It’s a gorgeous look and can be a good option for those who have never tried highlights before. 

Partial highlights. Partial highlights give a bit more highlighting than just a face frame, but generally leave the back with your natural color. The advantage is that they can look more like natural, sun-kissed strands that add dimension to your color. They’re usually placed on the top of your crown, down the front sides, or both. Your stylist will help you decide the best placement of partial highlights for the look you want.

Full highlights. These are everywhere, over the top, around the front, sides, and back. Full highlights are a dramatic and gorgeous change to your color. They can range from that subtle shade lighter to a multi-dimensional, multi-colored masterpiece. Full highlights give you rich, deep dimension for a stunning look.

Contrast. The placement of highlights isn’t your only choice when finding a great look. Highlights are fully customizable by contrast – or the range of difference between the highlights and the rest of your hair. It can be a very subtle, natural look, or a stark, bold difference, or even a mix of fantasy colors. This is where the artistry of your stylist combines with your own imagination to create the perfect look to showcase your individual personality. 

Techniques. Once you and your stylist have decided on a look for your highlights, the next step is the process. Different techniques create a different look. Foils are the traditional highlighting technique, and they create distinct areas of color. Balayage is more of a freehand, painted-on look, so your hair becomes the canvas on which your stylist creates art. A combination of these, foilage, creates a whole other look. Your stylist will give you advice on the best technique to create the look you want once you have decided how you want your highlights to be. 

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