Revive Dull Hair With Color Gloss

Beautiful shiny hair is something that everyone wants. You can help give your hair glossy and healthy shine by following a good diet and proper hair care routine, but sometimes you still need a little help. Diet and conditioners can only do so much, and sometimes you need help from a professional to get the look you want. A color gloss can improve your dull hair with the natural-looking shine you’ve been striving for.

What Is Color Gloss?

Color gloss is a hair treatment that enhances your hair by coating your strands with subtle translucent color and a high gloss sheen. It’s a great option for both natural and color-treated hair. It’s a semi-permanent treatment, meaning it won’t permanently alter your color, so you’re not committed to months and months of growing it out. You can even choose to keep your natural color as is and only add shine.

Benefits of Color Gloss

A color gloss treatment can provide you with several benefits. Two of those benefits are revealed in the name, glossy shine and a hint of color. This treatment can also help to remedy a hair color mishap by toning down brassiness or evening out highlights that turned out a little too light. The gloss also seals your cuticle helping to conceal damage for a smoother appearance. Not only does color gloss boost your color, by sealing the cuticle it also locks color in place to prevent fading giving your brighter color longer. Yet another benefit is giving you the opportunity to try a slightly different shade without a long-term commitment. Go a little darker, or give your hair some red, golden, or ashy undertones for variety or to get a feel for how a different color might look.

What About Maintenance?

Color gloss is a low maintenance treatment. To keep it looking fresh for as long as possible, simply use sulfate-free products that are specially formulated for color-treated hair. Ask your stylist to recommend products that are best for your unique hair type. When your color begins to fade or shine begins to dull in a few weeks, just book another treatment to get your shine on again. Color gloss is much more gentle than hair color, and it nourishes hair with deep conditioners so it’s safe to apply more often.
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