Sushi, Cocktails & Dr. Davis 9/28!

Sushi, Cocktails & Dr. Davis 9/28!

We average around 1300 guests per

week that walk through our doors. I can’t

begin to tell you how many ask me,

“Who is good… Where should I go?”

when it comes to getting a little

something done. That is why I have decided

to bring you the best! Dr. Davis has

been on Inside Edition, Dr. Oz, Howard

Stern, ABC, NBC, CBS, and the list goes

on. People fly from all over the world,

such as Dubai and Switzerland, for his

state of the art and advanced techniques.

His practice ranges from fuller lips that

look natural, pain-free injections, to face

lifts and non-invasive lipo that he

showcased on Dr. Oz.

So, I am telling you this because I

have decided to host a cocktail party

featuring Dr. Davis as a thank you to all

of our loyal clients at our Washington

Township location on Saturday,

September 28th @ 5PM.

Dr. Davis will be available for

complimentary consultations, photo-ops,

and will be doing a live lip demonstration

showing how natural they can look on our

very own Erica.

We will be providing the sushi and

cocktails, so all you need to do is bring

yourself! We are so grateful that Dr. Davis

is a huge supporter of Friends Are By Your

Side and will donating his time to us for free,

so space is limited!

Please call the salon at 856-582-6600 to

save your spot as soon as possible!

Hope to see you all there!