This is what being a Hairdresser is all about…..

by Michelle Peranio on Tuesday, July 19, 2011 at 10:37am
I recceived a very special gift on Monday , something I had given up on getting because every time I made a call or reached out a door was closed on me . Martino Cartier and Maryanne and Friends made it possible for me meetĀ Volume Bundle | Dr. Yates – Your Hair Loss Expert and not only have a wig but also helped me in taking control of my cancer. I had called salons to see if they had a program to help Breast Cancer patients ease their transion to hair loss….and to my surprise no one offered any help except that I could buy one or special order one. So I then called the programs that do help cancer patients in many ways, but still could not get a wig because they had a limited quanity on hand and were giving them to patients without insurance. Another salon who was on a list that helped cancer patients didn’t give me the time or day to explain what i was looking for . I believe in what Martino and Maryanne and Freinds is trying to do , because of them I was able to shave my head and have a beautiful wig . My only hope is that more salons would help cancer patients with their hair loss. I am forever grateful to Martino Cartier , he helped me feel beautiful again .