Tips For Confidently Rocking the Gray Hair Trend

A once shunned color has come to the forefront as one of the hottest new trends in hair color. Gray hair, once dreaded, is now a coveted shade that people of all ages are clamoring for. If you’re looking at the many gorgeous shades of gray longingly, but worry you won’t pull it off well, our hair color experts have some tips to ensure you can confidently rock the gray hair this summer.

Complement Your Skin Tone

Gray is a pretty neutral color that can be flattering for any skin tone, but for a flawless look, you’ll need to match your chosen color to the undertones of your skin. Warm skin tones should be paired with shades of gray with just a hint of underlying cream or gold. Cool tones pair well with more cold icy shades with hints of platinum. Neutral skin looks great with any shade, but deep pewter is quite complimentary.

Adjust Your Wardrobe

Neutral gray looks fabulous with any color, but for the biggest impact, you should adjust your wardrobe to a monochromatic palette. Matching your clothing color palette to your eyes has a striking effect that will make your eyes and gorgeous gray strands pop. Pair green eyes with shades of olive or forest green. Blue eyes come alive with a palette of navy to sky blue. Brown eyes get a boost from earthy hues of beige, chocolate, or orange. Of course, if you love bright colors hot pink, bubble gum, and sugary white are a perfect complement to gray hair. Your options are truly limitless.

Maintenance Is Key

Gray hair is not a particularly fussy color, but it does still require a bit of maintenance to keep it looking gorgeous. Your colorist can recommend products to keep your gray true to color without fading or yellowing. And even when you go gray by choice, roots are still a problem, so you’ll want to schedule regular touch-ups to keep them in check. If life tends to get busy and you need something more lowkey to choose an ombre and opt for your natural color as the base, the roots will blend seamlessly as they grow, requiring less maintenance.

The talented colorists at Martino Cartier Salon stylist are ready to help you rock the gray hair trend with confidence and poise. We’ll help you choose the perfect shades to flatter your skin tone and make you feel gorgeous and daring. Give us a call at 856.582.6600 to book an appointment, request an appointment online, or use our free mobile app from iTunes or Google Play to schedule right from your phone. We look forward to serving you at 304 Hurffville Crosskeys Rd., Sewell, NJ.