Transform Your Style with a New Hair Texture

If you could change one thing about your style, what would you choose? When looking to change up something about their style, many people opt for a change in hair color. That’s a fun, easy way to make things different, but most of the time that means staying with the same types of hairstyles. If you’re looking to completely change the way you style your hair, texturizing may be the best option for you.

Your hair’s texture involves more than straight versus curly. Different textures allow for different styles, as well as different variations on styles that allow you to create the perfect look for you. Like your hair color, your hairstyle makes a statement to the world about your personality.

With several options to choose from, your stylist can create that perfect look that suits your mood, the season, your wardrobe, and your person style. Options include:

Permanent wave. This is the way to get gorgeous curls that last. Whether you want that long, romantic beach wave look or tight, ringlet curls, today’s perms give you soft, well-defined curls that last about six months. The size and shape of the curls varies by the size and type of rod used, so when your stylist understands the type of curl you’re looking for, he or she can decide the best rods to use for the desired results. While perms in the past tended to give people frizzy, big hair, new technology has focused on delivering gorgeous curl while keeping each hair strand in good condition. 

Relaxing. Relaxing is one of the options for straightening naturally curly hair. Relaxing uses a special formula to change the structure of the hair that cause it to curl, followed by conditioning products that soften and smooth. The effect lasts for about six to eight weeks or more and usually requires some touch-ups to keep things smooth and straight. Aftercare consists of regular conditioning to keep your hair soft and healthy looking.

Keratin treatments. Keratin treatments are a smoothing treatment using keratin, a protein that seals in your hair strands to keep them soft and smooth. When hair is damaged, some of this keratin is removed, leaving porous areas that react to humidity, making your hair look dry and frizzy. Keratin treatments fill in those areas and smooths out your hair, straightening it somewhat without changing the structure the way relaxing does. Usually, this leaves you with some options for styling your hair straight or wavy and leaves your hair in better condition. The effects last for up to five months. 

Brazilian blowout. This is another type of smoothing treatment that coats each strand to eliminate frizz. It’s similar to a keratin treatment, but usually does not relax the curl as much, leaving your natural curl while removing the frizz. If you still like the curly hair styles but have struggled with frizz in your natural curls, a Brazilian blowout might be the right choice for you. Its effects last about three months.

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