Perm Your Hair for Perfect Beachy Waves

Long beachy waves are probably the most coveted summer hairstyle. Achieving wavy hair can be a challenge for those with thin or straight strands. But even if it’s not a challenge for you, wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up every morning with perfect beachy waves without any effort at all? If you answered yes to this question, it may be time to think about perming your hair.

A Word About Modern Perms

Today’s perms are not the same as your mother’s or grandmother’s perms. Advancements in perm technology have resulted in new formulas that are gentle and safe for even color-treated hair. No more fried and frizzy salon horror stories. And new techniques mean more options than just curly and kinky curly. Using different tools and wrapping techniques to set your hair, your perm can be customized to give you just the level of curl or wave in virtually any curl pattern you want, even a beach wave perm.

How Long Will It Last?

Perm is short for permanent wave, but as you have probably already realized, permanent in the beauty world doesn’t usually mean forever. After all, hair grows exposing untreated roots and sheds to be replaced by new untreated hair. How long your perm will last can vary depending on your hair type and how you care for it, but the average is about 6 months before your roots become noticeable and your waves start to lose their bounce. One appointment for six months of gorgeous, hassle-free, beachy waves? Yes, please!

Caring for Your Waves

Following a few simple hair care tips will help you get the most out of your new waves. To keep your hair soft and manageable, swap out your shampoo and conditioner for a moisturizing, smoothing formula designed for your hair type. To give your textured locks a little TLC, use a wave-defining mask in place of your conditioner once or twice per week. You’ll also want to update your styling products since your styling routine will no longer be the same. A curl-defining hair mousse will be your new favorite for scrunching damp hair before air drying to enhance and define your waves.

If you’re ready to embrace the beach wave trend without a daily date with your curling iron, come see the amazing stylists at Martino Cartier Salon. You’ll love the styling freedom that a perm provides, and you’ll be amazed at how soft and manageable your new beachy waves are. Give us a call at 856.582.6600, request an appointment online, or download our free mobile app from iTunes or Google Play and schedule your beach wave perm today. You’ll find us at 304 Hurffville Crosskeys Rd., Sewell, NJ.