Waxing for Skin Health

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There is a confidence that comes after a salon facial waxing, putting your best face forward. Unwanted facial hair can affect how our skin looks and feels, and how we feel about ourselves. We know the removal of misplaced facial hair can totally change our facial aesthetic, but it can also benefit the overall health of our skin! Continue reading to discover the mental and physical health benefits of waxing!   

Facial waxing doesn’t just remove unwanted hair, it also provides a light exfoliation to the hair-removal area. Our skin is constantly exposed to drying elements, which make it appear dull. When the hair is removed during waxing, the top layer of dead skin cells is removed, as well, leaving skin looking smoother and more hydrated! This exfoliation is also helpful because dirt and oil tend to collect around the base of facial hair, especially fine baby hair. Waxing removes the acne-causing debris, which can improve skin health and reduce the occurrence of breakouts!

Less Irritation
Hair regrowth can be itchy and cause the skin to become inflamed, this is particularly true with shaving as it only cut hair at the surface of the skin. When hair is removed by waxing, it is removed from the root, delaying regrowth up to 3 weeks, less regrowth means less irritation! Plucking and shaving also increase the risk of painful ingrown hair, waxing is less likely to have this effect as the hair is pulled uniformly in the direction it grows.

Mood Boost
Waxing facial hair doesn’t just help keep skin healthy, it can also be good for our mental health. Taking the time for self-care, and knowing you have perfectly shaped eyebrows and smooth skin can be a serious confidence and mood booster! However, life is hectic and hair removal can be time-consuming. Plucking can leave you in front of a mirror for what feels like hours while shaving requires near-daily maintenance. Professional waxing services take very little time and the results last for weeks! An added benefit is you get to sit back and relax the whole time, no more leaning into a mirror, painfully removing hair.  

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