Haircut Trends for 2020

Ready to make a change with the New Year? A fresh new cut and style is the perfect way to beat those winter blues and ramp up your look! Read on to discover some of 2020’s hottest new haircut trends.

Ladder Cut
Ladder haircuts have been around for quite a while and are still on-trend going into 2020 for many reasons. This type of cut works on all lengths of hair but definitely shines with long locks! A ladder cut keeps the overall length of the hair while adding tons of volume and can help draw out your best facial features! Another benefit of the ladder cut is how well the hair will lay naturally, which means less time styling for you!

Garson 2020
This short haircut has been around for years but has grown in popularity going into the New Year. Garson is a style that is short, yet feminine take on the pixie cut and can be customized in many different ways, letting your personality shine! As with the ladder cut, the Garson allows for a natural look with little effort. Maximize the Garson look with torn, feather-like ends and angled bangs.

The Bob
Bob’s are fantastic for versatility with medium-length and short hair, which is probably why they have been going strong for almost 100 years! First introduced in the 1920s, the Bob haircut has transformed many times over the years. Today, Bob’s can come in many unique styles from volumizing layered Bobs to blunt Long Bobs or Lobs. An inverted Bob gives the illusion of longer hair in the front with a dramatic shorter length in the back. The inverted Bob is sleek and classy straight but also looks fun and fresh with beachy waves. No matter your hair texture or thickness, Bobs work for just about everyone!

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