Makeup Tips for Hot Summer Months

Summer is a wonderful time of year. The warm weather means trips to the beach, relaxing days by the pool, and tons of barbeques and other fun outdoor activities. Unfortunately, the heat can take its toll on your makeup, sometimes leaving unsightly smears and runs that put a damper on your fun. Fortunately, the pros have some simple tips to keep your makeup looking smooth and beautiful all summer long.

Use a primer. Although it seems like an extra step, a good oil-free primer will help keep your makeup in place in the sunshine. It’s a quick but important extra step to make sure the rest of your makeup stays where you want it.

Lighten the load. During the summer months, opt for combination products that get things done with lighter coverage. Try a tinted moisturizer instead of foundation – preferably with added sunscreen. Use your concealer only on areas where you need more coverage.

Moisturize! You may feel like this is the last thing you need to do when fighting the sweat on a hot summer day. But heat and sun exposure rob your skin of the moisture it needs to stay healthy and smooth. Before starting your morning routine, use an oil-free moisturizer to pamper your skin.

Use creams, gels, and stains. Powder tends to cake when sweat happens, so avoid using powder eye, cheek, and face products in the summer. Instead, opt for cream eye shadow, gels or stains for your cheeks and lips.

Waterproof is a must. During the summer, always use waterproof mascaras and other makeup products that will stay in place when you swim, exercise, or stay out all day in the sun. while waterproof mascaras and liners are the most popular, today’s options include waterproof blushes, concealers, and other products. 

Be prepared. Always be prepared for touch-ups by keeping small versions of your favorite products in your purse. You’ll always be ready to go from beach to nightclub with little effort.

Consult a professional. If you have a special occasion where you need your makeup to last all day, have it done by a professional makeup artist. Professionals are trained to create a gorgeous look that stays in place, whether you’re out in the heat of the sun or under hot lights onstage. Tell your makeup artist how you plan to spend the day – and evening – and he or she will put together the perfect look for you that lasts.

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