Repair Badly Colored Hair with Our Color Corrective Treatments

Professional hairdresser dying client's hair in beauty salon, closeupWe’ve all been there. Maybe you couldn’t get an appointment, maybe you talked yourself into being able to do it yourself, or you and a bestie decided to open a bottle of wine and color each other’s hair. How hard can it be anyway, right? Well, if you’re like thousands of women who learned the hard way, not all hair color is created equal. Fortunately, Martino Cartier can help with that failed attempt at hair color! Corrector color can help clean up color mishaps to restore your confidence and help you love your hair again.

The first step is getting a consultation so that our professional hair colorists can determine the best way to restore your hair so that it’s healthy and back to its beautiful hair color of choice.

At Martino Cartier, we offer several kinds of hair corrections depending on your natural base and what needs correcting. If you find your blonde a bit brassy or your brunette is too red-tinged, it may be as simple as applying a toner to counteract those undertones. Let’s work together to get your hair back to its former glory!

The two most common color mishaps are the color turning out too dark or too light, so let’s take a quick look at what those two processes might look like.

Help! My color turned out too light!
If your DIY hair color turned out much lighter than you expected, the process to restore your color may not be too hard to repair. Often, it’s just a matter of your stylist choosing the correct toner or hair color to darken things up. But this time, leave it to the professionals! It takes knowledge and skill to get the color combination just right, so don’t be tempted to rush back to the drugstore to grab another box. Leave it to your stylist or you could end up needing even more steps added to your Corrector Color service.

Help! My hair color turned out too dark!
Unfortunately, you’re in for a bit more work to correct your hair color. Lightening up a color that is too dark typically involves a multistep process that may take several visits to complete, depending on the level of lightening needed. Your hairstylist will let you know if you require bleaching to lift the dark pigments. Depending on the severity, your hair may need a week or so to recover so that further damage doesn’t hurt the health of your hair. We’ll let you know if we recommend restorative treatments to help repair and protect from further damage before applying more bleach to lighten further or adding another color to achieve the desired shade.

If you’re ready to wake up from your hair color nightmare and rock that perfect shade, schedule a consultation with an expert colorist at Martino Cartier Salon today. We will assess the health of your hair and the severity of the color issue and develop a customized plan to give you the color you want. Request an appointment online, call us at 856.582.6600, visit our salon, or book your appointment right from your mobile device with our free mobile app on iTunes or Google Play. We look forward to serving you at 304 Hurffville Crosskeys Rd., Sewell, NJ.